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Re: [MOL] non small cell lung cancer stage 4 REPLY

although i have not been diagnosed with any type of cancer, i am doing  much 
research on the disease, specifically chemotherapy in the treatment of 
non-small cell lung and colorectal cancers.  you may want to talk to your 
oncologist about the chemotherapy.  the newer regimens are focused on more 
frequent, low-dose administration and longer infusion periods rather than 
the "mega doses" used in the past.  the statistic you stated in you email 
may actually be better when put in this context.  i'd be interested in 
knowing what regimens he/she's reccommended that you use and in what doses.  
another factor  ight be the staging of the cancer, were you diagnosed in IV 
or had you been diagnosed earlier?
i'll be away from my mail for the weekend but would enjoy hearing from you.  
take care and i hope to hear from you soon.

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