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Re: [MOL] side effects - can you help?

Hi Will (is it?)  --- my father had every symptom you mention below.  The 
doctor gave him a series of medications pre- and post- each chemo application 
to ease the effects.  He used some of his own too:

 Everything he puts in his mouth (water, food, protein drinks, etc) has a 
very strong salt taste, even if he licks his lips - salt.  Anything available 
to help with this? Anyone know why this happens?  Anyone experienced this and 
knows how to make it more tolerable?
    My father complained of metal or flat tastes, not so much salt (he LIKES 
salt).  But I think he just forced himself through this one - no quick fix 
that I know of. Someone did say once to eat and drink cold foods warm & warm 
foods cold - I passed that advice on to my Dad.
 Extreme nausea - vomiting.  Medications not helping.  He's losing weight 
    My father discovered that a pony bottle of WARM beer helped before or 
after a meal (HE ASKED HIS DR FIRST!!!!).  I'm sure he also had meds for 
nausea.  It was the very worst in the beginning cycle of chemo and subsided 
later on.  He did find that the nausea was worse the day or several days 
after a chemo than on the same day.  HE AVOIDED milk products - they DID make 
him sick. 

 Chills - can't get warm.  We are in Colorado and winter is on our heels.
My father too.  He would shake under piles of blankets. One time that DID 
turn out to be an infection that put him in the hospital.
 No energy, tired, exhausted.  Can't get the exercise the docs recommend.
 OH YEAH!  He's is still quite fatigued and finished chemo long ago.

 He is only a few weeks into this and has months to go.  If you can help, I'm 
waiting for your reply!  Thank you.
    IT WILL GET BETTER !!!!!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, 
Will.  AND it will get darker before it dawns (too old cliches that are soooo 
very true).  My father is cancer-free today - at 77 years old!   -chris

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