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Re: [MOL] side effects - can you help?

Hi Winn. When I first started having radiation txs to my abdomen along with 
chemo txs, I found the initial drugs they prescribed not terribly effective. 
I questioned my onc about some articles I read concering the medicinal use 
of marijuana for my type of problem. Unfortunately, the "real" thing still 
isn't legal here, however it is available in pill form (legally). It's made 
up of "Cesamet" and "Nabilone". Although the onc warned me of possible side 
effects, I didn't notice any and found the pill almost eliminated my nausea 
and stimulated my appetite at the same time. Is it legal in your State? If 
so, from everything I've heard, the "real" thing is still superior to the 
Anyway, it's one more option to consider.
Your friend,

>From: "Winn" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [MOL] side effects - can you help?
>Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 15:31:21 -0600
>I've been on this forum before and you guys are full of info.. please help!
>My dad is undergoing agressive chemo/radiation therapy.  The side effects 
>are terrible and he's suffering so much. Does anyone have any suggestions 
>or advise for:
>Everything he puts in his mouth (water, food, protein drinks, etc) has a 
>very strong salt taste, even if he licks his lips - salt.  Anything 
>available to help with this? Anyone know why this happens?  Anyone 
>experienced this and knows how to make it more tolerable?
>Extreme nausea - vomiting.  Medications not helping.  He's losing weight 
>Chills - can't get warm.  We are in Colorado and winter is on our heels.
>No energy, tired, exhausted.  Can't get the exercise the docs recommend.
>He is only a few weeks into this and has months to go.  If you can help, 
>I'm waiting for your reply!  Thank you.

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