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Re: [MOL] non small cell lung cancer stage 4/REPLY

John!  I believe very strongly that quality of life is equally as important
as life itself.  This is a decision only you can make; but I would make the
following suggestions before you make your decision.

1.  Check this site out, it is a form of treatment that works well for the
brain and will not reduce your present status of quality of life.  No pain;
etc.  This treatment is being done at most major cancer hospitals.  Should
you decide on this treatment, make sure they don't use the screws in the
head, but rather a form.

2.  I would contact Hospice and see what all they would provide you.

3.  I would ask my doctor about using a two or three prong chemo therapy at
a lower dosage.  This appears to be working very well with little to no side
effects John.

Wishing you all the best, hope you will stay in touch with us.  Warmly, your
friend, lillian

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