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Re: [MOL] side effects - can you help?

   Don't know if I'll be much help but when my husband went
through chemo and radiation (not at the same time) he was
really sick, lost a lot of weight and he still has a problem
with salt. For nausea I gave him compazine suppositories.
For weight loss I gave him anything that sounded good plus
ensure shakes and protein shakes. I would talk with your dr.
about his condition too, you may already have but if not I
would especially want to know why the salt taste is so
strong?  Have you taken his temp. when he has chills?  His
body is being bombarded with drugs that his system is
traumitizing about it sounds like.  Again I would consult
his Dr.....Best wishes and prayers to you friend........Beav

Winn wrote:

>   I've been on this forum before and you guys are full of
> info.. please help! My dad is undergoing agressive
> chemo/radiation therapy.  The side effects are terrible
> and he's suffering so much. Does anyone have any
> suggestions or advise for: Everything he puts in his mouth
> (water, food, protein drinks, etc) has a very strong salt
> taste, even if he licks his lips - salt.  Anything
> available to help with this? Anyone know why this
> happens?  Anyone experienced this and knows how to make it
> more tolerable? Extreme nausea - vomiting.  Medications
> not helping.  He's losing weight fast. Chills - can't get
> warm.  We are in Colorado and winter is on our heels. No
> energy, tired, exhausted.  Can't get the exercise the docs
> recommend. He is only a few weeks into this and has months
> to go.  If you can help, I'm waiting for your reply!
> Thank you.

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