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RE: [MOL] Hello all !

Title: RE: [MOL] Hello all !

Dear All,

My name is Monika, I am from Poland.  I have found the name of your organisation in the internet. So, I am writing wit request for any help from you.

What is the point?.
My mother (53 years old) in 1996 doctors had discovered an ovary cancer. In the same year she had chemoteraphy (TAXOL - 6x) then the surgery (they cut it) after the surgery she got 2 x TAXOL more.

During next 1,5 years there was a break (only medical tests) and it has started a year ago - next surgery because cancer specialists found something on her liver, after it she received another chemotherapy - CAMPTO 12 x. And this year another one - once more TAXOL 5 x.

Someone says that mentioned TAXOL is one of the hardest cancer medicaments. We DO NOT know what we should do. I am afraid that Polish medicine does not have and do not know any more alternatives, which could be used.

Could you please help us WE REALY DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE COULD DO WITH it WE DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP!!! - Organisations like yours are my only chance for getting any information!!

I would be a VERY VERY GRATEFUL for ANY information maybe suggestions, maybe anything else.

Below please find my e:mail address.

Best regards,
Monika Zowczak

g GE Bank Mieszkaniowy S.A.
Monika Zowczak - HR Manager
ul. Poleczki 21,
02-822 Warszawa, Poland
Phone: +48 (22) 545-08-66
Fax: +48 (22) 545-09-30

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We had a wonderful time camping this last week, a great time to relax & enjoy
friends & relatives who mean so much to me !
As to the medical progress .... insurance has given their stamp of approval
for Stanford and the stereotactic proceedure.  Made all the arrangements for
the 15th.   I will fly down on the 13th, run to Reno to play for a day with a
wonderful friend, then she will assist me to the consultation on Friday, and
fly home on Saturday.

Keep your fingers crossed !

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