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[MOL] bone marrow transplant

to: whomever may be able to help
from:  kathy
i asked a few weeks back about navelbine.  since then i have just been reading others e-mails, now i have another question - what is the opinion of bone marrow transplants.  i was originally diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer - small tumor, mastectomy, 6 months chemo.  reocurred 1 year ago in my sternum, lungs, neck and lower back.  did 4 months taxol/herceptin seemed to work well so went off taxol on to tamoxifin/herceptin.  after last scan found that lesions in lungs were more pronounced - no new ones (good news) so i started navelbine/herceptin.  my doctor says bonemarrow transplant is no more effective than chemo - wondering what other people thought - thanks i enjoy reading all the messages.