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Re: [MOL] Dad's chemo

That is really great news!!!Love to hear somebody beating
this horrible monster....Thanks for sharing....Beav

Pat Kimmi wrote:

>   My Dad sure had a rough time of it with his second large
> dose chemo of Taxol/Carbo. Didn't have the tremors (they
> gave him Ativan and he was taking it occ. so maybe warded
> off the tremors?) but he felt so bad with aches and pain
> in legs, ankles, wrists. He felt awful; you'd have to know
> him realize how bad it was for him--our family has
> stubborn streak a mile wide and you don't admit you  don't
> feel well!!!!! When I asked if he might go back to once a
> week tx. he said" I KNOW I am!!!" I'm glad he has the
> option to switch back.   Also--my girl friend had breast
> cancer I'm guessing at least 5 yrs ago;  had total
> mastect. and there was some lymph node involvement. She
> had chemo. She recently had reoccurance and had chemo (3
> drugs). Talked to her today and she said Dr. himself
> called her--couldn't hardly believe it---CT showed no
> cancer!!!!!!!!! She told me that's what happens when you
> have more than 200 hundred people praying for you.    AMEN
> to that!!!!!!!  She will still have some radiation as her
> Dr is very aggressive about cancer. I thought this good
> news deserved to be shouted from the rooftops.       Pat
> Kimmi-KS

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