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[MOL] Center For Medicinal Cannabis Research Established At University Of California

Center For Medicinal Cannabis Research Established At University
    Of California
    [09/05/2000; ScienceDaily]

A statewide, state-funded initiative to rigorously study the safety
and efficacy of medicinal cannabis to treat certain diseases
is being established at the University of California. The Center
for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), headquartered at UCSD,
will be a collaboration between UCSD and UCSF, two of the UC
system's leading biomedical research campuses.

The CMCR will administer $3 million in first-year funding to support
and coordinate scientific research at universities and research
centers throughout California, assessing the use of cannabis
as an alternative for treating specific medical conditions.

Funding of the CMCR is the result of SB847 (Vasconcellos), passed
by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gray
Davis in October 1999. The legislation calls for a three-year
program overseeing objective, high quality medical research that
will "...enhance understanding of the efficacy and adverse effects
of marijuana as a pharmacological agent," stressing that the
project "should not be construed as encouraging or sanctioning
the social or recreational use of marijuana."

Data from these studies will be used to develop guidelines for
appropriate pharmaceutical use of medicinal cannabis. California
voters approved such use in 1996, but exactly what role the substance
should play in patient care, and how it should be administered
as a pharmaceutical agent, is ambiguous because of the lack of
definitive research, said Igor Grant, M.D., professor of psychiatry
at UCSD and director of the CMCR. Grant is also executive vice
chair of the department of psychiatry and director of UCSD's
HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center.

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