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[MOL] Dietary supplements no substitute for proper diet

Dietary supplements no substitute for proper diet
    [09/05/2000; Cable News Network]

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nutritionists call the survey alarming: More
older Americans -- the people most at risk of cancer -- say they're
popping unproven dietary supplements in a quest for tumor-fighting
nutrients than trying to eat more cancer-protective foods.

Add this newest trend to those hot fad diets and the nation's
rising obesity, and cancer experts are increasingly worried.
Americans don't seem to heed the warnings that what you put on
your plate day after day can truly influence whether you'll get

Eating more fruits and vegetables just must not be a sexy enough

"That's why the food supplements industry is worth $40 billion
and why the (profit) margin on vegetables and fruits is so small
they don't even get advertised," Dr. John Potter of Seattle's
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center says in frustration.

There's no proof yet that pills and powders prevent cancer, and
some supplements may actually increase tumor risk, Potter notes.

"This is of real concern. We need people to focus more on factors
we know are cancer-preventive," adds nutritionist Melanie Polk
of the American Institute for Cancer Research, which conducted
the recent survey of 1,010 people. More than half of respondents
over age 55 took vitamins specifically to lower their cancer
risk -- one quarter of them took additional supplements like
garlic or fish oil -- yet just 39 percent preferred the proven
method of changing their diet.

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