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Re: [MOL] Taking the caffein out of the coffee...

Miss Lillian,

	And eliminated my "jump start" in the morning?  I don't think so!  LOL.


On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 18:15:29 -0700 "Lillian" <> writes:
> A Tall, Genetically Modified, Decaffeinated Latte To Go, Please 
> Steve Connor New York Times Syndicate 
> Scientists are about to unveil the "naturally" decaffeinated coffee 
> plant in what could be the most significant development in 
> convenience-food technology since sliced bread. 
> The plant will be genetically modified to eliminate a gene that 
> produces caffeine. Its beans will taste normal but will not create 
> the heart-pounding effects of caffeine. 
> Tea as well as coffee could benefit. Professor Alan Crozier of 
> Glasgow University, working with Japanese colleagues, has identified 
> the key enzyme involved in the natural synthesis of caffeine. He 
> believes it would be simple to eliminate this enzyme from a 
> genetically modified coffee or tea plant. 
> "Consumers concerned about the possible adverse effects of caffeine 
> consumption will welcome this development towards caffeine-free 
> drinks that retain their flavor," the researchers report in the 
> journal Nature. 
> The caffeine is normally removed chemically from coffee and tea but 
> leaves a residue. 
> "The other problem is that it removes other components from the 
> coffee that give taste and aroma, and this is why decaf coffee 
> tastes like dish water," Crozier said. 
> Caffeine raises blood pressure, induces palpitations, 
> gastrointestinal disturbances, anxiety, tremors, hypertension and 
> insomnia. 
> Distributed by New York Times Special Features 
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