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[MOL] cancer treatment question

 Hoping you can help me out!!  A couple of years ago on a
documentary television show it aired a segment on Cancer
Treatment  in Mexico.The medicine is not FDA
approved in the United States. I believe the name of the
drug is Hoxsey or Hoxsie.  I know the treatment describe in
the show stated that this type of treatment has a very high
success rate.  Also, that many people were crossing the
boarder for these treatments.

My friend was diagnosed with Sarcomia apx 10 months ago.
Does this type of treatment work for this type of cancer?
If so, what is the success rate?

I would greatly appreciate any information you could me in
trying to research this treatment and where the treatment is
available.  My father and friend were both diagnosed with

Kinda Spence

E-Mail address- kkspence@uswest.net

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