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Re: [MOL] Dad's chemo

Pat, congratulations on the good news of your friend.  As for your Dad, my 
Dad's chemo was really rough too -and he sounds alot like your Dad - tough, 
silent-guy type.  When *they* complain about anything, you KNOW it's much 
worse than they are saying because they never let on.  He had the leg pain, 
shaking, fevers, infections, nausea & vomiting, but they did get it under 
control with other meds and he only ate foods that agreed with him.  He also 
discovered that a pony bottle of beer (with meals) helped keep the nausea 
away.  And that was w/ the Dr's permission (my Dad was NEVER a *beer* drinker 
- 7&7s always). He drank Boost & Ensure, but not as much as the Dr told him - 
only one a day.  The song really applies to my Dad: "I did it MY way!"  
Whatever - it worked!  -chris
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