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[MOL] Dad's chemo

My Dad sure had a rough time of it with his second large dose chemo of Taxol/Carbo. Didn't have the tremors (they gave him Ativan and he was taking it occ. so maybe warded off the tremors?) but he felt so bad with aches and pain in legs, ankles, wrists. He felt awful; you'd have to know him realize how bad it was for him--our family has stubborn streak a mile wide and you don't admit you  don't feel well!!!!! When I asked if he might go back to once a week tx. he said" I KNOW I am!!!" I'm glad he has the option to switch back.   Also--my girl friend had breast cancer I'm guessing at least 5 yrs ago;  had total mastect. and there was some lymph node involvement. She  had chemo. She recently had reoccurance and had chemo (3 drugs). Talked to her today and she said Dr. himself called her--couldn't hardly believe it---CT showed no cancer!!!!!!!!! She told me that's what happens when you have more than 200 hundred people praying for you.    AMEN to that!!!!!!!  She will still have some radiation as her Dr is very aggressive about cancer. I thought this good news deserved to be shouted from the rooftops.       Pat Kimmi-KS