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[MOL] Metastatic disease

I am writing in regard to my mother. My mother who is 70 years old and has 
been battling breast cancer for the last 7 years had a bone scan done on May 
6, 2000. The bone scan showed that she has breast cancer of the bone 
matastic. It is everywhere from her scull to her feet. At this point in time 
she has had three 10 day (intervals at a  time) of radiation. She has had 
approximately 4 Aridia which is once a month and is now on Tomoxifen. Her 
last blood test which was the 18th of July showed an increase, which the 
doctor said none of the treatments have helped at this point. The oncologist 
reminds her at every visit that she is incurrable and has stage 4 breast 
cancer., and that it is terminal. Is there anything else out there that may 
be available  to her that may have a better affect. Anything you can tell me 
would very much be appreciated.
                       Thank You,
                        Donna Biancamano 
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