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Re: [MOL] To my Molers friends...

What a wonderful story, Joicy. How much we can learn from the inncocent.
Thanks for sharing,

>From: Joicy <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [MOL] To my Molers friends...
>Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 08:55:14 -0400
>Wishing all of you a happy day, with prayers for a break in your "labors."
>The story that follows reminds me of the big hearts of each one in this
>group...disease and adversity may slow our bodies, but it can also "grow"
>our spirits. Love and prayers to you and your families, Joicy
>The president of the Special Olympics was giving a talk to a large
>audience. During the question and answer time that followed, someone
>asked him to describe the best moment for him as president of that
>year's Special Olympics. Without any hesitation he told about the 100
>meter run.
>Six developmentally handicapped kids lined up in a stadium filled
>with 50,000 people. These kids had prepared all year for this event.
>They wanted to win. Although they could not run well, they would give
>it their very best effort.
>The gun went off and all six began to run. At about the 50-meter
>mark, one of the six runners fell down, face first on the track. The
>other five runners took a couple more steps and then stopped. They
>looked back and saw the fallen runner. Then, to the surprise of the
>crowd, they all went back, helped the fallen runner to his feet, joined
>hands, and continued the race--all of them crossing the finish line at
>the same moment.
>Each one received a gold medal.

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