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[MOL] adenocarcinoma of lymph nodes

My husband was diagnosed with cancer a ampulla of vater in 1993 and had a
whipple operation.  He was cancer free until 1997 when an cancerous tumor
was discovered in the abdomen between the vena cava and aorta.  As much was
removed surgically as possible; the remainder was tagged for radiation
purposes.  He received 30 radiation treatments and we hope it was "zapped."
However, in the spring of this year enlarged lymph nodes were seen on cat
scan and a needle biopsy determined there was adenocarcinoma present.

Can you elaborate on what happes with this type of cancer.  There are
cancerous tumors in several lymph nodes -- near where the tumor was in '97,
I believe.  He has had 12 chemo treatments with gemcitabine  and is now
taking a 3-month break in treatment.  The June cat scan showed the tumors
were smaller than in April when treatment began.  The August scan showed no
change in their size.

Would like to know what typically happens with cancer is these glands.
Thanks so much for any information.

Lillie Shannon, a concerned wife
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