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[MOL] Please help us make an informed decision...

My mother is completing her chemo/radiation for small cell lung cancer. All
tests are clear at this point, but they recommend she undergo prophylactic
cranial irradiation -- radiation to the brain just in case it may appear
there next as is common with this type cancer. The side effects are scary...
She may lose her memory or experience dementia in varying forms (10%
chance). Any success stories out there? Should she do this? Small cell
cancer is so aggressive and fast growing. We feel fortunate they caught it
when it was (hopefully) still just a tumor. Is this final treatment
necessary, do you think? By the way, she is a very spry, 73-year-old, active
Grandma and she quit smoking after the cancer diagnosis.

Can you email me the answers? I don't know for sure how to check the list...


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