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[MOL] Chris-Man's Best Friend

Me too, Chris...I worry each day, and I was especially worried the whole
time I was on vacation, even though my son was there to care for my dog and
cat. Of course they were perfectly fine and content, but they have such
trust in us, and they really ask for so little and give so much. What would
we do without them? Love, Joicy

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> Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 22:00:16 EDT
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> Joicy, I get homesick for my pets every day at work!  No kidding!  Whenever I
> have a free moment I wonder what they are up to and if they are OK.  I worry
> about them if I'm not home and a storm hits as both are terrified of
> thunderstorms.  I always go STRAIGHT home after work because of them.  I love
> them as much as any other family members.  -chris

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