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[MOL] exercise and self esteem

Self-Esteem Boost 

Sept. 4, 2000 -- A recent six-month study of 174 sedentary adults, ages 60
to 75, proved that participation in aerobic activity such as walking, or
strengthening exercises such as toning and stretching, both improve
self-esteem and self worth. Participation in these activities can even make
one feel more attractive.

The study utilized the Exercise and Self-Esteem Model (EXSEM) to determine
how physical activity and changes in physical fitness, body fat and
self-efficacy were related to improvements in perceptions about body
attractiveness, strength and physical condition.

Specifically, the study compared walking with strengthening exercises to
determine if participation in one versus the other would lead to an increase
or decrease in self-esteem. One group participated in walking, an aerobic
activity, and the other group participated in toning and stretching programs
that were strength-enhancing exercises. Over the six-month period, both
groups experienced significant improvements in all measures including body
esteem, strength esteem and condition esteem, leading to enhanced self-worth

Another aspect of the study revealed that six months after participation in
the exercise programs ceased, self-esteem significantly declined. This would
indicate that in order to maintain the higher level of self-worth, the
exercise program must be an ongoing commitment.

The study is reported by The Society of Behavioral Medicine.

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