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[MOL] To my Molers friends...

Title: To my Molers friends...
Wishing all of you a happy day, with prayers for a break in your "labors."

The story that follows reminds me of the big hearts of each one in this group...disease and adversity may slow our bodies, but it can also "grow" our spirits. Love and prayers to you and your families, Joicy

The president of the Special Olympics was giving a talk to a large
audience. During the question and answer time that followed, someone
asked him to describe the best moment for him as president of that
year's Special Olympics. Without any hesitation he told about the 100
meter run.

Six developmentally handicapped kids lined up in a stadium filled
with 50,000 people. These kids had prepared all year for this event.
They wanted to win. Although they could not run well, they would give
it their very best effort.

The gun went off and all six began to run. At about the 50-meter
mark, one of the six runners fell down, face first on the track. The
other five runners took a couple more steps and then stopped. They
looked back and saw the fallen runner. Then, to the surprise of the
crowd, they all went back, helped the fallen runner to his feet, joined
hands, and continued the race--all of them crossing the finish line at
the same moment.

Each one received a gold medal.