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[MOL] automatic insulter from the 14th Century

(from the site that has anything worth telling about on the internet, 
                 neatly laid out to pick and choose from... FUNSUB.COM)

bring this baby into work tuesday morning, pass out copies, 
and try not to spill your coffee, taking turns (we did it at union county 
supreme court and were laughing like children.)  

try it! 


Adjective #1     Adj #2            Adj #3             Noun

unmuzzled        onion-eyed        rough-hewn        nut-hook
bawdy            beslubbering      bat-fowling       baggage 
vain             villainous        vassal-willed     bugbear 
lumpish          lewd-minded       loggerheaded      lout 
churlish         cockered          clapper-clawed    boar-pig 
fobbing          full-gorged       frothy            flirt-gill
rank             rude-snouted      ruttish           ratsbane 
craven           crook-pated       clouted           canker-blossom
puking           pribbling         common-kissing    maggot-pie 
jarring          dread-bolted      pignutted         coxcomb
fly-bitten       fool-born         folly-fallen      foot-licker
pox-marked       puny              plume-plucked     pottle-deep 
fen-sucked       fawning           flap-mouthed      flax-wench 
spongy           sheep-biting      swag-bellied      skainsmate 
droning          dankish           dizzy-eyed        dewberry 
gleeking         goatish           gorbellied        giglet 
warped           weather-bitten    weedy             whey-face 
currish          knotty-pated      reeky             claybrain
milk-livered     malt-wormy        measled           mammet
surly            saucyspleened     spur-galled       scut
mammering        motley-mind       mangled           minnow
ill-borne        idle-headed       impertinent       infection 
beef-witted      boil-brained      bootless          bladder 
tickle-brained   tottering         toad-spotted      beetlehead 
half-faced       hedge-born        hasty-witted      harpy 
headless         hugger-muggered   horn-beat         hedge-pig 
wayward          artless           yeasty            puttock 
rump-fed         elf-skinned       imp-bladdered     barnacle

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