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Re: [MOL] breast cancer metastasis in lung, PS

They both sound pretty incredible! But attitude is everything...the mother
of my aunt (the one who outlived her cancer to be 105) was also a "kick
butt" kind of person. She eventually died at an old age of stomach cancer --
after ALSO outliving her Dr.'s prognosis by many years. Right to the end she
had an enormous zest for life, and was known to say frequently, "I don't
have TIME for OLD people!!" Mostly she was talking about perspective -- too
many people sadly "die" before they're dead... love, Joicy

> Joicy, almost forgot - since the doc was nearly the same age as her, she
> wasn't being presumption when she told him, "...I'll be at YOUR funeral doc!"
> She was. My boss is just LIKE her - so you know I've got a tough cookie to
> deal w/ all week long! :)  -chris (again)

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