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[MOL] I think this is quite beautiful

Steven White, quote from ďPrivate PracticesĒ
 I asked her once if she ever wondered, ďWhy me?Ē

She said...ďWhy not me?  Iíve been eligible for many blessings in my life.  Iíve been fortunate in so many ways.  I think it would be remarkably arrogant to rule myself ineligible for any hardship that might come along.

 ...ďDonít pity me.  Just know me.  This illness is one of the constellations in my sky.  Itís there.  Like the Little Dipper.  Sometimes itís obscured, sometimes itís the brightest light in the sky.  But itís always there.  I donít think about it all the time.  When I do look up, itís there.  That all, itís just there.  Part of my sky.Ē