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Re: [MOL] breast cancer metastasis in lung, PS

In a message dated 09/02/2000 9:58:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Joicy, had to respond to this one.  My boss's aunt was told @ 80 yrs old 
>  she had cancer and would be gone in less than 6 months.  She basically 
>  the doc WHERE to go and said, "I'll see YOU next year...and the year 
>  She just celebrated her 100th birthday with a card from the White House.  
>  -chris
 Joicy, almost forgot - since the doc was nearly the same age as her, she 
wasn't being presumption when she told him, "...I'll be at YOUR funeral doc!" 
 She was. My boss is just LIKE her - so you know I've got a tough cookie to 
deal w/ all week long! :)  -chris (again)
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