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Re: [MOL] breast cancer metastasis in lung

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> I've undergone 2 rounds of Taxol for a 3cm tumor in lower lobe, right
>  lung -- metastasis of breast cancer in 1997.  When asking the doc if, when
>  in remission, I'm good for 10-20 more years, he says no.  From all stats
>  I've seen online, I'll be lucky to survive 5 years.>  I have 2 young 
children, 8 & 5.  Can anyone tell me the actual stats?
Tell your doctor his medical degree came from a hospital - a university 
hospital - not from Heaven!  God didn't whisper into his ear how many years 
you have!  And it's my prayer that you and God work together to prove him 
WRONG!   -chris
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