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Re: [MOL] breast cancer metastasis in lung

Dear Denise,
I am so sorry to hear your news. As a mother myself, diagnosed with breast
cancer in '95, I know your heart must be very heavy right now. But you have
stumbled across a wonderful group of cancerers in this forum, many of whom
have made liars out of their Drs. and far outlived their prognosis! We
strongly believe that stats are just numbers, averages, and that the only
one who really knows when "our time is" is the One who made us, and He ain't

Our Drs. mean well in sharing this kind of information, but in the end, they
don't really know, they can only give best guestimates based on OTHERS, not
YOU. We are living in a time of great cancer breakthroughs. There is NO
cancer that someone has not survived; and you just might be one of those
someone's! And a key in all this is to never give up hope, and to trust that
you will live out the life God intended for you.

In my own family, I have two relatives who were given no hope, and sent home
to die with terminal cancers. One, in her middle years, lived to be 105
before she died! And another, who was diagnosed when his daughter was just a
baby, saw his daughter graduate from college and is still going strong. In
both cases, this was before many of the treatment breakthroughs we are
hearing about.

So don't give up, dear friend. You will hear from others in this group who
will give you other information to help in your journey. I hope you are
signed on with us, because though you may at first feel overwhelmed with the
volume of mail, you will find great support, as well as a loving, safe group
where you can vent and share with folks who understand. Love and prayers,

> From: "Denise McCrorey" <>
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> Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 01:22:20 -0500
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> Subject: [MOL] breast cancer metastasis in lung
> I've undergone 2 rounds of Taxol for a 3cm tumor in lower lobe, right
> lung -- metastasis of breast cancer in 1997.  When asking the doc if, when
> in remission, I'm good for 10-20 more years, he says no.  From all stats
> I've seen online, I'll be lucky to survive 5 years.
> I have 2 young children, 8 & 5.  Can anyone tell me the actual stats?

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