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Things are looking up--it's NightSights!

September is here already; can you believe it?

This month, Arcturus, the brightest star of spring, will be setting earlier
in the west. The Big Dipper in Ursa Major is somewhat low in the North, with
the Little Dipper's cup upside down.

One sign of the changing seasons is found to the right of the Dippers:
Cassiopeia is rising higher in the sky, and is turning with the seasons from
looking like a "W" to resembling a number "3."

The "V" of Taurus and the mini-dipper of the Pleiades will be peeking up
over the eastern horizon. You can get a good look at them now, late at night
(in the early morning hours); and they'll be rising earlier as the season

Keep the stars in your eyes,

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