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[MOL] Fwd: Saints and Sinners

To our Molers:
Just signed up for this site - fairly entertaining.  I'm forwarding today's 
story to give you all a smile.  -chris

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It wasn’t the Fourth of July — but even if it had been,
it wouldn’t have made any difference, because these
guys weren’t in the States.

It happened in Denmark: Two drinking buddies were
standing outside a bar when one of them offered the
other “a new kind of candy bar.”

It wasn’t until after the recipient had eaten half of
it that he realized something about it was too new and
different for his taste.

That’s when he got taken to the hospital. . .to be
admitted and to admit that he’d just ingested half
a stick of dynamite.

Thanks for joining me at "Saints and Sinners" — a
mercurial place, where you will sometimes find good
and even saintly personages, sometimes encounter
scoundrels and worse, and sometimes meet some of
both. Whether your taste runs to documented historical
fact or the stuff of which legend is made, please come
back soon, tune in, and enjoy. . .


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