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[MOL] Denise McCrorey...

Welcome to MOL -- As an early riser, I may be the first MOLer to read about your
problems but you will be getting lots advice and love and prayers from the

The very first thing to do is forget statistics.  They are truly meaningless
when it comes to surviving cancer.  Many people in this forum have been told
they had only two years, five years, six months to live, whatever.  And they're
very much alive today, years beyond their predicted life spans.

So start this day with hope and the firm belief that you will know your children
as adults.  We're here to help you come up out of despair and enjoy life again.

Your friend, Claire

Denise McCrorey wrote:

> I've undergone 2 rounds of Taxol for a 3cm tumor in lower lobe, right
> lung -- metastasis of breast cancer in 1997.  When asking the doc if, when
> in remission, I'm good for 10-20 more years, he says no.  From all stats
> I've seen online, I'll be lucky to survive 5 years.
> I have 2 young children, 8 & 5.  Can anyone tell me the actual stats?

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