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Bridget, you will laugh at this! You might have heard a few weeks ago 
that new research shows that men's health suffers when their wives 
work more than 40 hours per week. WHY, you ask? Well, the writer/
researcher explained that typically, women are the ones who "NAG" 
their husbands to take care of their health, reminding them to take 
vitamins, exercize, see their Drs., etc. Women who work may not have 
as much time to NAG their husbands about such things, and thus their 
husbands' health may suffer!!

Sounds like a good fit for the "damned if you do, damned if you 
don't" category! Love, Joicy

>Do you ever wonder why men always accuse women of nagging? If women were 
>constantly neglecting to do the dishes, laundry, meals and other so called 
>female tasks, do you think men might start to nag? Whenever a man would ask 
>me to remind him about some chore he wanted to put off he would later accuse 
>me of "nagging" him when I did. LOL Can't win for losin' sometimes!
>Women don't nag, we simply remind.
>Men don't nag, they don't have to.
>Your friend,
>PS: Luv you guys anyway...

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