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Welcome to the most exciting opportunity club you may ever see!  Boy oh boy, have we got news for you!  Can you or someone you know use 100., 200., 300. or even 1,000. or more weekly/monthly?  This will "BLOW YOU AWAY" when you see over 75 exclusive sources that pay someone for working from the comfort of their home in their spare time.  These sources have been weeded out from the "FRAUDS," having stood the test of time (10 years), many being members of their local Better Business Bureaus and Business Associations.  We will rush the details to you.  All we ask is you cover the postage and handling ($4.), and if you're not 100% satisified with the details of this opportunity club program don't worry, not only will we refund the postage and handling ($4.), but we'll "cut you a check" for DOUBLE the postage and handling!  No one offers that!  We're so confident that this proven  program could change your life, we'll include a copy of our own bank statement proving an INCREDIBLE 8!
,241.87 was earned in just one month!  We'll even drop ship this amazing program risk free.  No inventory is necessary; all you do is advertise!  This is a complete turn-key opportunity, and you'll be SHOCKED and AMAZED at how you can be up and running the same day!  
SPECIAL BONUS:  Marketing "The Home Employment Opportunity Manual."  If you never sold anything before don't worry, this explosive section will show you how to market using classified ads, internet, direct sales, telemarketing, etc.  See how the pro's do it!  LISTEN TO THIS:  The first fifty (50) members only (no exceptions) will receive a bonus "The #1 Wealth-Building System in America."  HURRY, and your details will be shipped immediately.

     Write to:  C. S. C.
                    266 Elmwood Avenue, Unit 172 - (Dept. H. E.M.)
                    Buffalo, New York 14222
                            (Incl. $4. S & H)

     **Act now; you'll be glad you did!  GUARANTEED**

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