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> Article written by Betty Martini
> I have spent several days lecturing at the
> on ASPARTAME: Marketed as 'NutraSweet,'
> 'Equal,' and 'Spoonful.
> In the keynote address by the EPA, they
> announced that there was an epidemic of
> multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus, and
> they did not understand what toxin was causing
> this to be rampant across the United States.
> I explained I was there to lecture on exactly
> that subject. When the temperature of
> Aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, the
> wood alcohol in ASPARTAME coverts to
> formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in
> turn causes metabolic acidosis.
> (Formic acid is the poison found in the sting
> of fire ants.) The methanol toxicity mimics
> multiple sclerosis; thus, people were being
> diagnosed with having multiple sclerosis in error.
> The multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence,
> where methanol toxicity is. In the case of
> systemic lupus, we are finding it has become
> almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis,
> especially Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi
> drinkers. Also, with methanol toxicity,
> the victims usually drink three to four 12 oz.
> cans of them per day, some even more.
> In the cases of systemic lupus, which is
> triggered by ASPARTAME, the victim usually
> does not know that the aspartame is the culprit.
> The victim continues its use aggravating the
> lupus to such a degree, that sometimes it
> becomes life threatening.
> When we get people off the aspartame,
> those with systemic lupus usually
> become asymptotic. Unfortunately, we
> cannot reverse this disease. On the other
> hand, in the case of those diagnosed with
> Multiple Sclerosis, (when in reality, the disease
> is methanol toxicity), most of the symptoms
> disappear. We have seen cases where their
> vision has returned and even their hearing has
> returned. This also applies to cases of tinnitus.
> During a lecture I said "If you are using
> ASPARTAME [NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful,
> etc.] and you suffer from fibromyalgia
> symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness
> in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness,
> headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression,
> anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision,
> or memory loss, you probably have ASPARTAME
> People were jumping up during the lecture
> saying, "I've got this. Is it reversible?" It is
> rampant. Some of the speakers at my lecture even
> were suffering from these symptoms. In one
> lecture attended by the Ambassador of
> Uganda, he told us that their sugar industry
> is adding aspartame!
> He continued by saying that one of the industry
> leader's son could no longer walk due in part to
> product usage! We have a very serious problem.
> Even a stranger came up to Dr. Espisto,
> (one of my speakers) and myself and said,
> "Could you tell me why so many people seem
> to be coming down with MS?" During a visit
> to a hospice, a nurse said that six of her
> friends, who were heavy Diet Coke drinkers,
> had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond
> coincidence. Here is the problem. There were
> Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was
> originally included as a sweetener in 100
> different products. Since this initial hearing, there
> have been two subsequent hearings, but to no avail.
> Nothing has been done. The drug and chemical
> lobbies have very deep pockets. Now there are
> over 5,000 products containing this chemical,
> and the PATENT HAS EXPIRED!!!!
> At the time of this first hearing, people were
> going blind. The methanol in the Aspartame
> converts to formaldehyde in the retina of the eye.
> Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class
> of drugs as cyanide and arsenic - DEADLY POISONS!!!
> Unfortunately, it just takes longer to quietly kill,
> but it is killing people and causing all kinds of
> neurological problems.
> Aspartame changes the brain's chemistry.
> It is the reason for severe seizures. This drug
> changes the dopamine level in the brain. Imagine
> what this drug does to patients suffering from
> Parkinson's Disease.
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> Fortunately, we had speakers and ambassadors
> at the Conference from different nations who have
> pledged their help. We ask that you help too.
> Print this article out and warn everyone you know.
> Take anything that contains aspartame back
> to the store. Take the "NO ASPARTAME TEST" and
> send us your case history.
> I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of
> Aspartame, knows how deadly it is. They fund
> the American Association, American Dietetic
> Association Congress, and the Conference of
> the merican College of Physicians.The New York
> Times, November 15, 1996, ran
> an article on how the American Dietetic Association
> takes money from the food industry to endorse their
> products. Therefore, they cannot criticize any additives
> or tell about their link to MONSANTO.
> How bad is this? We told a mother who had a
> child on NutraSweet to get off the product. The child
> was having grand mal seizures every day.
> The mother called her physician, who called the
> ADA, who told the doctor not to take the child off
> the NutraSweet. We are still trying to convince
> the mother that the Aspartame is causing the
> seizures. Every time we get someone off of aspartame,
> the seizures stop. If the baby dies, you know
> whose fault it is, and what we are up against.
> There are 92 documented symptoms of aspartame,
> from coma to death. The majority of them are all
> neurological, because the aspartame destroys the
> nervous system. Aspartame Disease is partially the
> cause to what is behind some of the mystery of the
> Desert Storm health problems. The burning tongue and
> other problems discussed in over 60 cases can be
> directly related to the consumption of Aspartame
> product. Several thousand pallets of diet drinks were
> shipped to the Desert Storm troops. (Remember heat
> can liberate the methanol from the aspartame at
> 86 degrees F.) Diet drinks sat in the 120 degree F
> Arabian sun for weeks at a time on pallets The
> servicemen and women drank them all day long.
> All of their symptoms are identical to aspartame
> poisoning. Dr. Roberts says consuming Aspartame
> at the time of conception can cause birth defects."
> According to Dr. Louis Elsas, Pediatrician and
> Professor of Genetics, at Emory University, In his
> testimony before Congress. The phenylalanine
> concentrates in the lacenta, causing mental
> retardation. In the original lab tests, animals
> developed brain tumors, phenylalanine breaks
> down into DXP, a brain tumor agent.) When
> Dr. Espisto was lecturing on aspartame, one
> physician in the audience, a neurosurgeon, said,
> "When they remove brain tumors, they have found
> high levels of aspartame in them." Stevia, a sweet
> food, NOT AN ADDITIVE, which helps in the
> metabolism of sugar, which would be ideal for
> diabetics, has now been approved as a dietary
> supplement by the FDA for years, the FDA has
> outlawed this sweet food because of their loyalty
> to MONSANTO. If it says "SUGAR FREE" on the label -
> Howard Hetzenbaum wrote a bill that would have
> warned all infants, pregnant mothers and children of the
> dangers of aspartame. The bill would have also instituted
> independent studies on the problems existing in the
> population (seizures, changes in brain chemistry,
> changes in neurological and behavioral symptoms).
> It was killed by the powerful drug and chemical lobbies,
> letting loose the hounds of disease and death
> on an unsuspecting public. Since the Conference
> of the American College of Physicians, we hope to
> have the help of several world leaders.
> Again, please help us, too. There are a lot of people
> out there who must be warned, please let them know this
> information.
> Women's Cancer Resource Center
> Laurie Moser, Assistant Director
> 1815 East 41st Street, Suite C
> Minneapolis, MN 55407-3425
> 1-800-908-8544 or 612-729-049
> The author, Betty Martini, can be reached at 770-242-2599.

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