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 <A HREF="http://www.uua.org/ga/ga99/409.html">409 Spiritual Persistence and 
Encounters with the After-Life</A> 

An excerpt:
Speaker: the Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B. Becker 

"You keep wanting to know where the road leads; but the road only leads 
somewhere for those in transit, not those in arrival. If you found out the 
ending you'd be there, and where you were would be the end. So don't seek 
that, unless you are ready to stop and let all Creation pass you by on its 
flow to its evolved self. Hint: Fossils know exactly what they are and where 
they are." 

"Don't reduce your visions to words. One of the problems of many people is 
they feel they have to put words to insights, visions, and feelings. And if 
they do, they reduce the insights, visions, and feelings to words and lose 
something in the translation. So maybe they should be tools, not answers." 

"The trick is to be able to share yourself without expecting or requiring 
anything in return. If you can do that, you can stay whole no matter who 
you're dealing with or whatever the situation." 

"Fears keep things from happening; they don't make them happen. Fears keep 
you from good things." 

"You know, truth never has to be proven and/or forced. Just reveal it and 
they will come. If you toss out enough tasty tidbits, they will eventually 
want a whole meal." 

"Grief is the recognition that we have to surrender to the past something we 
wish were in the present and future. When we find balance we can stop 
grieving, because then we will lose no more. We keep grieving until we can do 

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