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Re: [MOL] Dad's chemo

Hope everything goes alright with your dad's trtmt. Pat.
Just like everyone has a differant timetable for grieving
(that is soooo true), I think that everyones physical body
is differant too. It could be your dad is particularly
sensitive to this trtmt. and will adjust. Take

Pat Kimmi wrote:

>   Dad had his second big dose chemo today. Talked to Dr
> and told of the side effects like "bad hair days", pain in
> legs and ankles and  he called it tremors instead of  just
> nervousness (I hadn't known this right away). Mainly his
> hands shaking for about 3 days starting 2 days after tx. I
> had asked about getting him some meds such as Ativan;
> which is what Dr prescribed and now Onc nurse is calling
> me Dr Pat--Thanks to all of you for the info you supply me
> with. What I found interesting was that nurse said tremors
> was not something that was noted with Taxol. Am anxious to
> see how he gets along this time. Maybe if he is having a
> side effect not commonly seen--should go back to once a
> week smaller dose????? But in this heat (100+ degrees) I
> hate to see him have to get out in it  any more than
> necesssary. I did get the impression Dr is pleased with
> progress. He goes back next tx 9/27 and to have chest
> x-ray first.   Thanks all for the caring and praying  and
> all the advice given.    CHRIS (where is my mind???) I
> forgot to compliment you on the wonderful post the other
> day about grieving for your father. I grieved for Mom
> before she passed away. Went to see her every night and
> did my crying on the way home for months before she died.
> I guess that was my release.  My brother  & I went with
> Daddy to grief classes thro Hospice after Mom died and
> they were very helpful . The lady leading it was wonderful
> and 2 things jumped out at me.....(1)  And this is a
> biggie... everyone has their own timetable for
> while you don't want to get stuck in it,
> DON"T let anyone tell you it's been long enough, you
> should be over it by now.......and (2) everyone has to go
> thro the grief......not over it, not under it, nor around
> it BUT THRO it.....I thought these 2 points were very
> helpful-lets you know everybody's grief is different and
> that's O.K.               Pat Kimmi-  KS

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