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[MOL] Bridget

Thanks, Bridget -- I think we all share a common concern that those 
in need not be forgotten. I just didn't want anyone to get the 
impression that ALL churches are like that, when they can actually be 
a means of accomplishing what none of us could do alone! But like 
everything else, you have to pay attention to where the money is 
going, and check it our before you give. Love and prayers, Joicy

>I have a feeling Joicy, that any church that you Pastor would be committed 
>to helping the community. I think Dean was talking more about those "BIG" 
>churches that cater to the wealthy of their parisheners and forget about the 
>poor. You don't generally find these in small towns but in larger urban 
>As a child, I used to listen to my parents agonize over how to donate 10% of 
>their income to the church and still manage to feed all 7 of us. And every 
>Sunday for 2 years I went to Church and listened to our Pastor ask for more 
>and more money so he could finish building his $2million modern, circular 
>"museum" (as I called it) after my beloved house of God
>was burnt to the ground. He visited our home every Sunday and never once was 
>there an offer to help us even though it was obvious we needed it. Every 
>Priest in our Parish (4) drove a brand new car every year and the Glebe was 
>more mansion than house. Believe me, they suffered little.
>I'm glad there are Pastors like you in this world, Joicy. God bless and keep 
>you as I know He will.
>Your friend,

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