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Re: [MOL] Dean,Carol, Bridget,Chris, Lillian and all MOLers..

Hello Everyone:

Thank you to all the encouraging words.  I was planning on answering each as 
every response I received but my mother board blew and I am just putting back 
the pieces with my new computer.  I have a flat screen now. It is really a 

So regrettably, I lost many e-mails.  All the prayers and words of 
encouragement were well received and are close to my heart.  As Dean said so 
perfectly, I am leaving it in God's hands and have faith in where HE is 
leading us.  My brother went for a high intensity CAT scan and we will know 
the results Friday.  Assuming all is well, daddy will procede with the stem 
cell next week.  My dad is having a biopsy as I write this.  Praying the 
cancer has not spread.  I will send word on how the outcome is next week.

Regarding keeping a positive attitude, I am doing just that.  I told my 
mother that  dads cancer has possibly saved my brother from something very 
serious, possibly cancer.  If Robbie was not a perfect match to my dad, he 
would have never had a chest x-ray.   Whether his results are good or not, he 
is now aware of his  situation and will  continue to have check ups.  If my 
dad never had cancer, Robbie would not know about the tumor on his lung.  For 
that I am very grateful and Paise God.

I feel lost because I haven't received any e-mails for a few days.  I hope 
not too much has happened.  Well, have a great day and I will be popping in 

Love to all-
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