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[MOL] Lillian, Re: Antioxidants

Please answer me this.  Before I started chemo (Taxol and Carboplatin),
my oncologist told me to stop taking vitamin C and E supplements since
they were antioxidants and might retard the effectiveness of the chemo
drugs.  Also, the booklet for chemo patients distributed at my cancer
center suggests discussing vitamins with your doctor since too much of
some vitamins can be as dangerous as too little -- which I guess is
probably true for everyone.

Then I read articles like the one just posted on green tea and I'm
wondering what is going on.

Now my question...Is there something about Taxol and/or Carboplatin in
particular, and perhaps other drugs, that makes antioxidants work
against them?  I can't believe that antioxidants are bad for all
patients getting chemo.

Does your magic computer have any information on this subject?


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