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Re: [MOL] Prostate Cancer

WOW.I didn,t know I was aloud to have good days.Got an impossible bank/seller
entension on a property.Had lawyers and bankers nervous for days.Including 
but if I would have lost $$$$$ it would not have mattered moms more 
importent.Results in from lab.Lung tumor shrunk,brain tumors just about 
gone.Dont know yet about glands in groin and chest.Doc says possible tumor 
breakdown plus infection?Will do biopsy.Im coming to you guys 
Any theories on the glands............
Doc wants her back on steriods for the brain he says maybe swelling.........
Question could she go lower dose on steriods since only maintaining.....
If we go for biopsy...should she we get enough cells for vaccines for the 
near future?
Please help
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