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[MOL] Dad's chemo

Dad had his second big dose chemo today. Talked to Dr and told of the side effects like "bad hair days", pain in legs and ankles and  he called it tremors instead of  just nervousness (I hadn't known this right away). Mainly his hands shaking for about 3 days starting 2 days after tx. I had asked about getting him some meds such as Ativan; which is what Dr prescribed and now Onc nurse is calling me Dr Pat--
Thanks to all of you for the info you supply me with. What I found interesting was that nurse said tremors was not something that was noted with Taxol. Am anxious to see how he gets along this time. Maybe if he is having a side effect not commonly seen--should go back to once a week smaller dose????? But in this heat (100+ degrees) I hate to see him have to get out in it  any more than necesssary. I did get the impression Dr is pleased with progress. He goes back next tx 9/27 and to have chest x-ray first.   Thanks all for the caring and praying  and all the advice given.    CHRIS (where is my mind???) I forgot to compliment you on the wonderful post the other day about grieving for your father. I grieved for Mom before she passed away. Went to see her every night and did my crying on the way home for months before she died. I guess that was my release.  My brother  & I went with Daddy to grief classes thro Hospice after Mom died and they were very helpful . The lady leading it was wonderful and 2 things jumped out at me.....(1)  And this is a biggie... everyone has their own timetable for grieving...so while you don't want to get stuck in it,  DON"T let anyone tell you it's been long enough, you should be over it by now.......and (2) everyone has to go thro the grief......not over it, not under it, nor around it BUT THRO it.....I thought these 2 points were very helpful-lets you know everybody's grief is different and that's O.K.               Pat Kimmi-  KS