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Re: [MOL] Vitamins IIron and Iron Overload)

Hemochromatosis, that is the disorder our grand daughter was born with that
I have written you about.  A million people have it and more than likely you
have never been checked for it?  Do you have it?  It normally becomes known
after the damage is done when our organs are not able to unload the iron.
The iron stores in the heart (causing damage) the pancreas and the liver.
In the liver it is known to cause cancer.  I strongly feel that if you eat
properly this is the best route, why take chances? Warmly, lillian

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> Dear MOLers,
> A great article, I thought, on vitamins E, C, B, Calcium, D, Magnesium
> and Iron.  How much is too much?  How much is recommended?  What do they
> do?
> Hope you get some benefit from it.
> Carol in Memphis

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