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Re: [MOL] Dear Amocci --

Miss Claire,

	You speak for all of us!

Carol in Memphis

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 08:31:00 -0400 Claire Lee <> writes:
> When Pat Kimmi wrote in the post to Chris, "we're all with you and 
> supporting
> you," she truly spoke for us all.  It makes me sad that we don't 
> have the
> information you are seeking so desperately.  Please understand that 
> MOLers will
> always do everything possible to help each other, and your have 
> become a true
> MOLer.  So accept what we are able to give you...our support, our 
> love, our
> prayers.
> Perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself and your mother.  
> We'd like to
> get to know you better.  And I promise that nothing you write will 
> ever be
> considered bs.  What you call bs is, in fact, communication among 
> loving
> friends.  As someone suggested, just use the delete button for 
> immediate escape
> from anything you don't want to read.
> Your wannabe friend, Claire
> Pat Kimmi wrote:
> > CHRIS,
> > I was going to reply to Amocci the same  as you but as I saw yours 
> in print
> > before me I thought we do know something about this topic--it's 
> also about
> > our parent having cancer and needing support. So----Amocci--I 
> don't have any
> > info about cancer or treatments (my Dad has a different kind of 
> cancer and
> > the chemo seems to be shrinking it--(Praise God) but I DO know 
> about how it
> > feels to have your Mom have cancer (mine did too) I know how 
> worried you are
> > and how much it hurts and how helpless you feel. I've been there 
> and am
> > there again.. And you do grieve for them, even now while they are
> > alive------ people who haven't been there usually can't understand 
> this.
> > We're all with you, supporting you.  I pray for all on this list 
> so know that
> > you and your Mom are in my prayers.  Keep searching for a 
> favorable
> > treatment and don't ever give up HOPE.      Pat Kimmi-KS
> >
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