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[MOL] Pat Kimmi--Re: Low dose chemotherapy & Taxol

Thanks for the post on your dad.  It's comforting to learn about his
good progress.

About the symptoms he's now experiencing, you might want to ask his onc
about glutamine.  The information package the infusion nurse gave me
before I started chemo contained information about glutamine which is a
health food product helps combat the side effects of chemo and/or

I decided not to add another item to my long list of things I have to
take every day unless I experienced side effects.  However, when my
doctor found this out, he urged me to start using it right away since it
actually helps prevent side effects such as the neuropathy associated
with Taxol.  It is also supposed to help the body recover from treatment
more rapidly and to keep the digestive system healthy.  I'll start
taking it tomorrow before my chemo treatment (my 5th) and for four days
following which is the suggested dosage.  It's a fine, white, tasteless
power to mix with any liquid or food three times a day so I don't think
taking it will be a problem.

The folder I was given listed a company which supplies glutamine by mail
but I understand it is also available in health food stores.  Pat, if
his doctor thinks it might help your dad and you have trouble finding
it, email me privately and I'll give you the mail order information.

Your friend Claire

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