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[MOL] Dear Amocci --

When Pat Kimmi wrote in the post to Chris, "we're all with you and supporting you," she truly spoke for us all.  It makes me sad that we don't have the information you are seeking so desperately.  Please understand that MOLers will always do everything possible to help each other, and your have become a true MOLer.  So accept what we are able to give you...our support, our love, our prayers.

Perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself and your mother.  We'd like to get to know you better.  And I promise that nothing you write will ever be considered bs.  What you call bs is, in fact, communication among loving friends.  As someone suggested, just use the delete button for immediate escape from anything you don't want to read.

Your wannabe friend, Claire

Pat Kimmi wrote:

I was going to reply to Amocci the same  as you but as I saw yours in print
before me I thought we do know something about this topic--it's also about
our parent having cancer and needing support. So----Amocci--I don't have any
info about cancer or treatments (my Dad has a different kind of cancer and
the chemo seems to be shrinking it--(Praise God) but I DO know about how it
feels to have your Mom have cancer (mine did too) I know how worried you are
and how much it hurts and how helpless you feel. I've been there and am
there again.. And you do grieve for them, even now while they are
alive------ people who haven't been there usually can't understand this.
We're all with you, supporting you.  I pray for all on this list so know that
you and your Mom are in my prayers.  Keep searching for a favorable
treatment and don't ever give up HOPE.      Pat Kimmi-KS