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Re: [MOL] Re: Low dose chemotherapy & Taxol

Claire,   My Dad has been receiving low dose (90 mg Taxol; not sure of Carbo
dosage) since Feb 2000-once a week for 3 wks then 4th wk off- and has  done
very well. No side effects to speak of, maybe a little fatigue. No hair
loss, nor loss of appetite,not neuropathy. And the 2 CT Scans while he was
on low dose each showed shrinkage of cancer. Now he is on 330 mg Taxol every
3 weeks and having side effects--hair loss , leg pain and nervousness and
tremors. May switch back to weekly as going to every 3 wks was purely for
his convenience as he had to drive 40 miles round trip (he's 81). He has the
2nd tx of higher dosage tomorrow and will see Onc and ask him about meds for
side effects especially nervousness. Hope they can and will help him. Hope
you continue to do well on yours.   Pat Kimmi-KS

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> For those of you who may be interested, here are some details about low
> dose chemo which is, I believe, a rather new procedure, at least it is
> at my treatment center where the nurses had just finished training for
> it about a month ago.

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