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Re: [MOL] re: Sox

Hi Pat;
    That is correct on your recall. Nanc and I have horses,
and you must have it in your blood too? I just wish I could
roll back time (me and a million other people) and be riding
with my husband again. What experience do you have with
horses??  Your curious friend, Beav

Pat Kimmi wrote:

>   Bridget, The only place I could find to have my little
> (10#) Yorkie, Shania MiraLee trimmed was at the vets which
> she hates!!!! She starts shaking as soon as I put her in
> the pickup and shakes all the way there, the whole time
> we're there and  all the way home. So I went to Upco (pet
> supplies) and bought trimmers and we do our own. She still
> doesn't like it so we look very scruffy at times but I
> still wuv her. I love the long silky coat a Yorkie is
> "supposed " to have but I can see that will never happen
> here!  Oh well.  I am so glad Sox is liking the trimming
> sessions better than my  Shannie...... And now my horse
> fever is at an all time high reading the posts going
> between....I think..... Nance and Beav??????? If I'm wrong
> on names ,  I apologize but I thoroughly enjoy the talk of
> horses.     Pat Kimmi_KS

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