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Re: [MOL] mycosis fungoides

I need your help as a group.This is what this forum is all about no?Ive 
posted some
questions and the only one that has responded was lilian?My mom dx with sclc
with mets to brain, now lymph node in chest and groin,possible liver.What can 
we expect?Be honest Im already numb.dx4/00,radiation5/00,chemo6/00.Chemo 
doesnt appear to be working.
Were exploring dr.Nagourney in california he says he is only one of two in 
the country that will perform a chemo sensetivity test.With 90 percent 
accuracy he will tell you what cocktail to use.Obviously he needs a gram of 
tumor.Which now doesnt seem a problem.
also trying to line up alternatives.That is difficult cause who knows the 
right answer.
Any input about a vaccine?anti angenesis drugs?antineoplastons.HELPPPPP
throw out some input.Money is not an issue.
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