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[MOL] Re: Low dose chemotherapy & Taxol

For those of you who may be interested, here are some details about low
dose chemo which is, I believe, a rather new procedure, at least it is
at my treatment center where the nurses had just finished training for
it about a month ago.

I only know about low dose as it involves my particular experience but,
since this procedure makes chemo easier to take, you might want to ask
your onc about it.  I am being treated for both SCLC and NSCLC with
Taxol and Carboplatin and have no idea what other drugs might be used or
what other types of malignancy might be appropriately treated with low
dose therapy.

With low dose therapy I am getting exactly the same drugs over the
within the same time period as with standard chemo.  The big difference
is that I go for chemo once a week for approximately 18 weeks instead of
having a three-day treatment every 21 days for about six months.
Because the dose is lower, the side effects are less severe.  The blood
chemistry isn't radically altered and the exhaustion or chemo tiredness
or whatever one calls it is relatively minor.

So far I've experienced no ill effects whatsoever and I feel really


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