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Re: [MOL] prostate cancer treatments/ REPLY TO ROSANNA

Rosanna:  I am unable to respond to the freezing method; as I have not heard much about it.  I do know that my husband had the seed implants followed by pin point radiation and the only problem he had was constipation.  Here I was so worried about him as he had it done away from home.  When he returned he looked so much younger.  To date it has been most successful he was a Gleason 7; which is a bit high.  It is good you are researching and good if he is being treated at a top notch cancer center.  Wishing him luck, your friend, lillian  By the way success rate is 90%-20years.
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Hi!  I have a relative who has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  His physicians want to do radiation.  The Cancer is in stage T2.  We have heard of both seeding and freezing.  Which of these treatments has the least side effects, is the safest and most reliable, and which has the greatest success rate.  He has spoken with someone who had the seeding but we are still looking for opinions?  Thanks so much!