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Re: [MOL] Lillian / Amocci

In a message dated 08/29/00 1:10:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
<< > lilian,
 > The email that was sent to rod,was it meant for me.Also your wrong im not 
a > baby but a brat.I still think the forum bs to much and they should do 
that > privately.But when in rome i do as.  > amocci >>

Amocci, I suspect you misunderstood something here.  But even if you would 
have been called a baby, I'm certain it was with good will, as in the two 
years I've been here people work very hard not to intentionally hurt one 
another. It does happen sometimes, as all people who love each other do 
occasionally.  It has been my observation that everyone is forgiving here.

 As for the "BS" - well that is all part of this community (as I see it 
anyway).  You dont' have to READ the "bs" if you don't want to.  Sometimes I 
do (if I have time) and sometimes I delete (when I don't) - but everyone has 
their own manner of escaping the day-to-day worries of illness and chatting 
about everything or nothing-at-all is part of that. -chris
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